Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Glee Season 2

Glee Season 2 is about three to four months away. But, the Glee Season 2 countdown will feel longer after the season finale last night. The final showdown at regionals was the last medley in this freshman year for Mr. Schue and the New Directions. Of course, without a win or place at regionals, the entire club would supposedly be finished. Since the show had become the biggest phenomenon on TV in just one year, the season finale would have to have victory, even against Vocal Adrenaline and judge Sue Sylvester. Indeed, the club will be back for Glee Season 2, but not for the reasons many expected.

Warning: Spoilers follow

For the second straight week, the club was in a massive funk to start things off - this time due to Sue becoming a regionals judge. With defeat and the end of the club looking imminent, Will tried to show that the important thing was how far they'd come. And, as all good Gleeks known, the journey began with Journey.

However Glee Season 2 starts, it couldn't be as big as "Don't Stop Believing" in the pilot. But the season finale tried to come close, as the music of Journey was reprised in one big medley. With the reunited Rachel and Finn performing "Faithfully" and with one last "Don't Stop Believing" reprise, it was the spectacle a year in the making - and there were still 40 minutes left.

Yet, Vocal Adrenaline drew inspiration from another band that got a big Glee bump. Queen's "Somebody To Love" is another popular Glee number and, this time, their "Bohemian Rhapsody" got an homage - alongside another event that was a year in the making.

Although the season finale held the club's future in the balance, Glee Season 2 was far more of a sure thing. So, no matter what Sue, Olivia Newton John and Josh Groban judged, the club would be back to perform again somehow. Still, there was doubt as to how that would happen for a while.

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