Friday, September 10, 2010

Jimmy Fallon's GLEE Themed Opening for Emmys 2010

It didn’t take long for Emmys host Jimmy Fallon to turn to the up-and-comers of Glee for an opening musical number. (Fallon has taken his musical talents to Glee-related material before.)

But it wasn’t just the host and the high schoolers – Fallon’s opening included a bevy of TV stars…and Kate Gosselin.

Tina Fey was recruited to join the glee club, then Jon Hamm (after he was pulled away from Betty White). Gosselin tried to lend her dancing talents but was passed over. Also involved were Hurley from Lost (Jorge Garcia), Joel McHale and more. Fallon got changed, with the help of Tim Gunn of Project Runway, and it was time to perform.

After the pre-taped opening was over the whole cast came out to sing some Bruce Springsteen live. Even Kate Gosselin. Also – Randy Jackson? One notable absence – Neil Patrick Harris.

Watch the HD Video below.


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  2. Jon Hamm was great. And a Glee themed opening? That's when you know you're popular.